We Have a Used Buhler MDDL for Sale Now

We Have a Used Buhler MDDL for Sale Now

Used MDDL 250/1000 is now for sale at the moment. The MDDL is double roller mill which means its efficiency is twice as high as single MDDK roller mill but takes up much less space than two single MDDK. Definitely a better choice if your plant is not big enough or you wnat higher efficiency with smaller space. BTW, in addition to machines, we can also provide you with additional service like cleaning, repainting, repair and maintenance.

Bart Yang Trades supplying new and used Flour Milling Machines and flour mill spare parts. We offer used Buhler roller mills, purifiers, separators, destoners, plansifters, scourers, and relevant spare parts. In addition to used machines, we can also offer refurbished machines. Refurbished machines look as great as new ones but much cheapers. If you are interested any of our machines or spare parts, feel free to contact us.

Flour mill machinery parts, BUHLER quality, cheap price, our company sells all kinds of flour mill accessories, cheap, BUHLER quality, please contact us if you need it.

Contact Info:MR BART YOUNG.

E-mail: bartyoung2013@yahoo.com

Website: www.Bartflourmillmachinery.com 

Phone/WhatsApp: +86 185 3712 1208

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