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Various of Used Flour Milling MACHINERY models we are BUYING And SELLING NOW
Buhler MDDQ-1250x250/Buhler MDDM-1000x250 /Buhler MDDM 1250x250
/Buhler MDDM year of BUILT 2002/Buhler MDDM/Buhler MDDO year of BUILT 2002
Buhler MDDM-1000x300/Buhler MDDK 1000x250
Buhler MDDK-600x300Buhler MDDK Airtronic Buhler MDDL 1000 x 250
Buhler MDDK 1000 x 250 Buhler MDDK 800 x 250 reconditioned / varnished Buhler MDDL 1000 / 1250 x 250 Buhler MDDK 800 x 250
reconditioned / varnished
Buhler MDDBBuhler MDDB 1250 x 250
Buhler eightfold roller mill MDDL Buhler MDDK 800 x 250 reconditioned
Buhler MDDB-1000x250Buhler MDDL eightfold roller mills
Buhler Miag MDDK Airtronic Miag HN-1250 x 250
Buhler MDDK Airtronic / Bühler MDDM Newtronic
Buhler Airtronic MDDK-1000x250

Happle HW-30/100Buhler MDDKBuhler MDDK 1000 x 250 / 800 x 250
Miag HN -800x250 Buhler MDDK-600x300Buhler MDDO - MDDM

MTRA-60/100-100/100 and 100/200 separator MTRB-C 100/100 and 100/200 separator
MTMA separator all sizes All kind of Buhler air channels (MVSE / MVSG)
MTSB-50 de-stoner MTSC-65/120 and 120/120 de-stoner
MOZL-30/150 moistening machine MJZD-43 entoleter for gravity piping MJZG-43 and 51 entoleter pneumatic
MJZH-Matador entoleter pneumatic MLU-202 Lab-Mill with pneumatical
MKVA-56/10- Vibros MKLA-30/80-45/110 bran duster MDDL-1000 and 1250er 8-roller mills
MDDK-1000 4-roller mills MDDM-1000 4 roller mills MDDO-1000 and 1250er 8-roller mills
MFVB-C-H silo-vibro-discharger diam. 1600-1800mm

All kinds of flour mill laboratory machines: Used Brabender Extensograph Brabender Farinograph, Brabender Lab Mill Junior and
Senior, Brabender Break Mill, Perten Lab Mill, Perten Falling Numbers all types, Perten Inframtic 8600 9142 series etc. Perten GlutenMatic
2200 series, Chopin Alveograph, Chopin Infraneo, Chopin Lab Mill CD CD1 series. Wheat moisture meters, ovens, etc.
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