Used Buhler Plansifter MPAV Are for Sale

Used Buhler Plansifter MPAV Are for Sale

Hey, guys, do you want some good used plansifters? Do you want some used Buhler plansifters? We all know how expensive the new Buhler plansifter is. Therefore, if you don't have enough budget for new Buhler plansifters why don't you try our used Buhler ones? MPAV plansifter available. Very good model with good condition. Brand new spare parts like frames, insert frames, cleaners and sieves are available to replace used ones. If you are interested in these MPAV plansifters, feel free to contact us. 

Welcome to our small wbsite. Here you can find information about used flour machines like roller mills, plansifters, purifiers, bran finishers, scourers, and relevant spare parts like rollers, frames, insert frames, cleaners, rubber balls, etc. All machines we sell are of good brand including Buhler, GBS, Sangati, etc. If you want to upgrade your old flour mills or to start a new one, you are at the right place. All our machines are of very good condition but with much lower price. If you think those used machines look old, no worries. We can repair, repaint, clean, replate it for you and make your machines look like new ones. If you are interested in our machines, feel free to contact us. Our contact info is as follows.

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