Brand New MHXS Sieves Have Been Sold

Brand New MHXS Sieves Have Been Sold

In a few days ago, one of our clients purchased a few set of MHXS 30/60 sieves and a few set of MHXS 45/80 sieves. These sieves is now on the way to you. Much appreciate to your purchase. 

If you want some new scourer spare parts to us as well, feel free to contact us. In addition to these sieves, we have many other spare parts for you to choose as well. Also, we can offer spare parts of many other kinds of machines. If you want some, feel free to contact us.

Spare parts we are providing: Buhler roller mill spare parts, chilled rolls, gears, belts, belt conversion wheels, feeding system spare parts, mqrf purifier spare parts, frames, cloth, brushes , plan sifter spare parts: frames, inserts, nova cleaners, saving cloth. Bran finisher spare parts; screens, MHXT scourers spare parts: screens for scourers and combinators etc….
All You need to do is taking some photos of your old parts and send us the Buhler serial number of that part by email, we will send you our offer in 24 hours. 

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