Brand New Plansifter Frame Set

Brand New Plansifter Frame Set

As an international trading company, we sell many used floury machines as well as brand new machine spare parts. Spare parts for plansifter are something very popular among our clients. However, during the communication with our clients, we found that many clients don't understand plansifter spare parts very well. Therefore, please allow me to give you a brief introduction about different plansifter spare parts you might need in the future.

The most important part for the plansifter spare parts or the plansifter itself is the frame which is timber box you can find in the section. Generally speaking, there are two kinds of frames for Buhler plansifters. The 640mm ones and 730mm ones. To order frames from us, please provide flow sheet of your plansifter, it can tell us the height of frames. 

Fig.1 Plansifter frames. There are two frames in the photo. The one standing at the back is 730mm one and the one lying at the front is the 640mm one.

The frame need to work with frame insert. The frame insert is the aluminum or wooden fence put inside the frame to divide frame into different compartments. To order frame insert from us, please provide the exact size of it. 

Fig 2. Aluminum frame insert used for 730mm frames

Fig 3. Frame insert used for 640mm frames

Another thing you need is the sieving cloth. There are many different kind cloth. When order your cloth, please provide us with enough information about what kind of cloth you want. 

Fig 4. Some samples about cloth we are selling
Another important thing you need for your plansifter is cleaners. There are plenty of cleaners of various shapes. 

Fig 5. Various kind of shapes of various shape and materials.

To help us offer you with exact plansifter spare parts you want, it is very important to consult your engineer about what you exactly need. This can help us to previously offer what you want. If you have any intention to purchase some spare parts for your plansifter, feel free to contact us. 

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