We Have Sold A Group of Machines to Our Client!

We Have Sold A Group of Machines to Our Client!

A few days ago we sold a few machines to our client. All the machines have been deeply cleaned and replated. All used machines are now look like new ones. Come and take a look at them.
The first machine we sold is used Buhler purifier MQRF 46/200.

The second machine we sold is a used Buhler bran finisher MKLA 45/110.

The third machine we have sold is used Buhler destoner MTSC 120/120.

From these photos I believe you can clearly see that all these machines were thoroughly cleaned and repainted like what I said. They are now look as perfect as new as ones. If you also want some perfectly looked used floury machines, feel free to contact us at bartyoung2013@yahoo.com or whatsapp: +8618537121208.

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