Buhler MDDV Cart with tools

Buhler MDDV Cart with tools

Welcome to our website. Recently, many customers ask for MDDV Carts to deliver the rolls. We can provide many kinds of carts. There are two typs of carts we can supply: 

1.Manual roller Cart 

2.Electric roller Cart  It takes four hours to be fully charged at a time, and it can be used for about 10-15 days in discontinuous working state.

You can choose what you need,theu are different price. There are two standard dimension of Roller Cart.  (length*width*height). 

  1. 1320*800*(400~1450)mm
  2. 800*1320*(500~1450)mm

But we can also customize the size of the cart according to your requirement, need your information about(Base width)(Table platform width)(Table raising height)

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