Used 2010 BUHLER Destoners

Used 2010 BUHLER Destoners

Used Buhler destoner MTSD and MTSC 120/120. Both of geat condition and can work efficiently. The MTSC 120/120 was manufactured in 2010 and the MTSD 120/120 was manufactured in 2013. If you want to both of them at the same time, you will have a big discount. There are many destoners on the secondhand market now, but it is not easy to find one 120/120 one. Bigger machines are always prefered. 


For separating stones from a continuous material stream. Reliable removal of high-density impurities such as stones and pieces of metal and glass is achieved on the basis of differences in specific gravity. Design: with or without air-recycling system. 


Hello my friends. Welcome to Bart Yang Trades. My company is an international trading company for secondhand floury machines. Want some good floury machine but doesn't have enough budget? You ar at the right place. Used roller mills, purifiers, destoners, separators, plansifters and bran finishers from Buhler, GBS, Ocrim, Sangati and other popular brands are all sold at low price. If you think those secondhand machines look old, don't worry. We provide service of deep cleaning, refurbishment and overhaul. We will help you to make the old machine look as great as new ones. In addition to used machines. we also sell brand new spare parts ranging from plansifter cleaners, frames, insert frames to timing belt conversion retrofit kit. Come and take a look at our website, there is always something suit you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. 

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