Genuine Swiss BUHLER MDDK Roller Mills

Genuine Swiss BUHLER MDDK Roller Mills

Swiss-Buhler roller mills. Size of 250/1000. All manfuactured in Switzerland and then imported into China. If you want some roller mills from Europe, you are at the right place. If you are interested in those machines, feel free to contact us.

Roller mills installed in year of 1990 shut down in year of 1992-1994. Running time 2-4 years.  The reason being shut down because the government policy in 1990s. These Swiss machines are imported by China government. Now we have dismantled this mill. We have it in our hand now. They will be precious MDDK in your hand after your maintenance. Condition is super good, all parts are still in good shape, so how much you think they will be worth to you?

Flour mill machinery parts, BUHLER quality, cheap price, our company sells all kinds of flour mill accessories, cheap, BUHLER quality, please contact us if you need it.

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